Monday, February 25, 2008

Pursuing a Culture of Sacrifice

Romans 12:1-2 teaches us how we are to follow God. After presenting eleven chapters of theology (which bursts into doxology in 11:33-36) Paul gives us five chapters of how to live that theology out.

Martin Luther once said,
“It is through living, indeed through dying... that one becomes a theologian, not through understanding, reading, or speculation.”

So Romans 12:1-2 say to us- ‘this is what it looks like to live out a God-centered life’. Essentially Paul says that we are to build our lives on the mercies of God (“therefore… by the mercies of God”), give our lives completely to God (“present your bodies a… sacrifice”), and shape our lives by the Word of God (“be transformed by the renewing of your mind”). When the people of a church begin to follow God this way nobody will be arguing over what songs to sing or who gets to be in charge of something or who what kind of people will be welcomed on the pew. The church will be defined by a culture of sacrifice and that will point people outside the church to the ultimate sacrifice by our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 12:3-21 fleshes out what a culture of sacrifice looks like. It is my aim that as the pastor of Memorial Baptist my preaching, my lifestyle, my behavior, my marriage, and even my little ‘ole blog would demonstrate what it means to follow God this way. It is my hope that as this mindset and lifestyle becomes contagious our church would be marked as having a culture of sacrifice and would passionately point people to the saving sacrifice.

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