Monday, March 24, 2008

A Sermon 15 years in the Making

On Sunday I preached from Acts 2:22-24. I waited fifteen years to preach that sermon. Well maybe not that particular sermon, but fifteen years ago God put a call on an insecure, naïve, and completely trusting fifteen year old boy. I had no idea where that call would lead me, no idea how that call would bless me, and certainly no idea how much that call would cost me. Over the last ten plus years God has seen fit to train me up at Memorial Baptist of Houston, TX, Woodridge Baptist of Kingwood, TX, and most recently at First Baptist of Groves, TX while serving as the youth minister (among other tasks). On March 23 the Lord graciously opened the door for me to be the pastor at one of His churches. So it was with joy that I officially became the pastor at Memorial Baptist of Port Arthur, TX on Easter Sunday.

The message the Lord laid on my heart was from Peter’s sermon in Acts 2. I understand that text to proclaim the supremacy of Christ. Peter proved that Jesus of Nazareth was and is both Christ and Lord. Jesus demonstrated His power over nature through the miracles (v. 22), over sin through the cross (v. 23), and over death through the resurrection (v. 24). The invitation to every person is to see, savor, and submit to the supremacy of Christ. Have you truly submitted to His supremacy by repentance and faith? Are you living out His supremacy on a daily basis or does some other thing or person function as your lord? Are you savoring or enjoying His supremacy over your life? It is not my will or mind that gives me security, comfort, and joy in this life… it is knowing that I belong to Jesus. He is the mighty and trustworthy Lord. Now let’s make sure we go out and proclaim that in our words and lifestyles!


Travis Cardwell said...

Jeremy! Long time to see bro! I had not idea that you had taken a pastorate...congratulations! We need to get together soon and catch up.

Holla at me!

Pastor Cliff said...


It sound like a great sermon. We are so proud of you and know you and Blair will have a great ministry at Memorial, Port Arthur. Be assured of our love and prayers.

Always yours in His love,

Cliff Mayton, Senior Pastor
Memorial Baptist Church
Spring, TX