Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Avoiding Labels

This article is a follow-up from the last two on "Savoring the Doctrines of Grace".

Calvinism is not a dirty word. It is however a misunderstood and sometimes abused label. I do not want a label to speak for me and I do not want a label to do the theological work for me. It is easy to throw yourself in a theological camp. The responsible thing though is to throw yourself at the mercy of God’s Word and dig until your convictions are shaped by Its words. These Biblical convictions may sound Calvinistic at times when you are talking about salvation and the sovereignty of God. They may also sound Arminian at times when you are affirming the human responsibility and the free will of man. We have to remember that these doctrines are going to become clearer to us as the Holy Spirit shapes our minds through sanctification. Still, like the doctrine of the incarnation or the Trinity we have to be comfortable with mystery when it concerns God’s redemptive work in sinners. It requires faith in a big God. If anything becomes your theological label let it be simply- disciple of Jesus Christ. As you seek to study and know God more intimately, be humble- we are fallen humans who deserve nothing. God in His mercy has granted us ears to hear and eyes to see.

For further study, Dr. Danny Akin (President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) has written an excellent and balanced article on subject. Click HERE.

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