Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nourished on Sound Doctrine

In Southeast Texas the word catechism evokes a lot of nervousness from Baptists because of the reaction to the Roman Catholic application of catechism. However, catechism is a good and edifying thing particularly when it is used well and applied rightly. The word ‘catechism’ is from a Greek word that simply means, “to teach”. A catechism is a teaching tool that uses questions and answers for the student to memorize and is designed to summarize and teach key doctrines of the faith. That is essential to do in the home and in the church. Baptists need to reclaim this tradition and use it for the equipping of saints. Here is a link to some historic Baptist catechisms- please read.

I have been teaching a course on Wednesday nights at my church that covers our Church Constitution and its Biblical roots. This week is the last session and I have made up a mini catechism to summarize many of the key points of our study and to conclude the study. Here are the questions and answers…

Memorial Baptist Catechism

Q 1- What is our purpose as human beings?
A- To glorify God- Isaiah 43:7

Q 2- How are we to glorify God?
A- In every area of our lives- 1 Corinthians 10:31

Q 3- What keeps us from glorifying God?
A- Sin corrupts us in every way- Romans 3:23

Q 4- How are we restored to being a display of God’s glory?
A- Christ died so that we could be redeemed to glorify God- Romans 15:8-9

Q 5- What is our mission as a church?
A- To make disciples- Matthew 28:19-20

Q 6- To whom do we carry this disciple-making mission?
A- To all peoples- Acts 1:8

Q 7- How do we demonstrate the gospel of God as a church?
A- By proclaiming the Word of God- Romans 10:13-17
A- By modeling a culture of sacrifice- Romans 12:1-13

Q 8- Who owns our bodies?
A- Jesus Christ has purchased our bodies- 1 Corinthians 6:20

Q 9- Who owns this church?
A- Jesus Christ owns this church- Matthew 16:18

Q 10- How is our church governed?
A- We are congregationally governed- Acts 6:2-5

Q 11- How is our church led?
A- We are pastor led- Acts 20:28

Q 12- How does our church delegate ministry?
A- We delegate ministry through deacons, committees, and ministry teams- 1 Corinthians 12:4-7

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