Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Past is Prologue

For those of you who do not go to our church or who do not attend our Sunday night service you may not know we have been expositionally going through Genesis 1-11. The title of my series is “The Past is Prologue” as I believe the “prologue” of the Bible is setting the stage for the whole redemptive and Messianic story of the Bible. This has been a really exciting study and our evening services are more laid back with Q/A after the message. A source I have recently tapped into the last week or so are the “Answers in Genesis” folks. Their website is chock full of great articles and interesting research. It isn’t “crazy Christian theories” that oppose science. They show through much research that science and the Bible are indeed in harmony concerning the events recorded in Genesis. Here is a funny cartoon from their site and the link to the site is below for your own research and reading.

Now go read "Answers in Genesis"!

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