Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stay out of the Shack

Several weeks ago I wrote on the book- The Shack- and strongly warned against its content. Normally I do not blog on the same thing twice because I don’t want to beat a dead horse in the ground. This isn’t a dead horse however. A couple of conversations I’ve had with people regarding the book and some things I’ve read recently from its author have convinced me to stress this point again.

First, no one is arguing whether the book is engaging. Of course it is! I am not even saying that the author is intentionally trying to spread false doctrine or harm the church. To give him the benefit of the doubt I’ll assume his errors are born from ignorance which is still no excuse. The common response I get is “well its only fiction”. That is a slippery slope and to be frank is idiotic. What about writing a fiction book that said Jesus was romantically involved with a woman- and this fiction helps our devotional life with God because it helps feel closer to Jesus because we see His humanity? That’s outrageous! By the way… wasn’t that book published as The DaVinci Code and Christians were pretty upset about that? False doctrine always presents itself in an appealing way. That is how it creeps in and does its damage. The particular false doctrine espoused in Young’s book is a misrepresentation of the nature of the Trinitarian God and it directly violates the 2nd Commandment by creating an image of God the Father. Here is my previous post with some helpful links to read more.

One of the scariest comments I’ve read regarding the book is by the author himself. William P. Young said in an interview with the Baptist Standard, “All over the country, I meet nonreligious people who have read the book, bought copies for their religious friends, and told them, ‘I like the God in this (book) a lot more than yours’.” So according to Young, his portrayal of God is more credible that God’s portrayal of Himself in His Word. Blasphemous and very very dangerous. Take my advice… Stay out of this Shack!

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Heart of Wisdom said...

Enjoyed your review of "The Shack" Thank you for taking the time to share.

I was not in total agreement with The Shack (I am not in total agreement with several of my favorite authors).Any book that includes conversations with God is bound to receive criticism. How can anyone put words in God’s mouth? But this is one moving book! I smiled, cried, pondered, prayed, and repented as I read ( I have been hurt a lot in churches so I was profoundly impacted.). I read it twice and now listening to the audio. Amazing! Be sure to check out "The Shack Blog and Forum.

I wrote a lengthy review on blog. Please visit.
Robin @ HeartofWisdom