Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why share prayer requests?

This morning I want to address the issue of "prayer requests". We have people call in requests, turn in requests by paper, and email requests. We don’t have a magic prayer slot machine so why do we do that? Well first, I hope if you turn in a request you are praying for that issue too. The church is not the "wailing wall" where you squeeze a written request in a crack and magically it is closer to God's ears (see picture). When prayer requests are passed around it should not be understood that we just need more people to make God aware or to beg Him to do what is right. Prayer is about alignment and submission to the Lord's will. Sharing prayer requests is an act of submission before the Lord. If I ask you to pray for healing in my body it is because I need to align my thoughts with the Lord’s will and submit the need over to Him so that I don’t give myself to worry. I’m asking you to pray so that together we can lay something at the Lord’s feet, learn to submit to Him, and watch together in expectation of how He will meet the need.

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