Monday, December 29, 2008

What does the President read?

You may not be a President Bush fan or supporter but a recent article by Karl Rove about our President’s love for reading inspired and convicted me. Despite what the oh-so-knowledgeable Hollywood celebrities might tell us, our president is no dummy. You might not agree with his policies and you are probably not impressed with his public speaking skills but let’s be fair to his intelligence and learn something from him. I love to read but I need to read more and sharpen that skill. One of the greatest obstacles to reading is watching TV. Watching the television isn’t all bad but it must be done with moderation otherwise we can easily become poor stewards of the time and brain power the Lord has given us. So I have gathered a stack of books beside my bed (about ten or so) that I’m intent on reading by the summer. Ready to take up the challenge and expand your mind? You'll be enriching your own life and those who you influence.

Here is the article from the Wall Street Journal on President Bush’s reading discipline- prepare to be impressed.

HT: Justin Taylor

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