Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!! Are you anti-New Year's Resolutions? We often stray from making them because we know we'll soon stray from keeping them. Consider what the word "resolved" means- to formally declare or decide; to make progress from dissonance to consonance. It is an act of the will to change or commit to a change of action. That's a good thing to do every day. The beginning of a new year provides some mental clarity and a sense of a fresh start so we often make several or significant such declarations. Jonathan Edwards provides us a great example of this as a lifestyle. At nineteen years of age in 1722 the man who would become arguably America's greatest theologian wrote out a series of resolutions- statements of change he sought to live by. He didn't do so to brag but out of a determination to magnify the glory of with every part of his life. So January 1, 2009 is a good day to start living resolved. If you slip- and you will- step right back.

Two simple resolutions I've challenged myself and my church with are to systematically read more Scripture on a daily basis and to intentionally invite people to church (and take as many of those opportunities to share the gospel). For January our church has committed to read a chapter of Acts every day (with three catch-up days) and invite one person to be our guest at Sunday worship every day of the month. That's simple and a great start to a new year. What are you resolved to do in 2009 for the glory of God?


Red Beetle said...

I saw that you embedded one of my videos to your blog. It was an article on John Piper written by Calvinist John W. Robbins. In the article, Dr. Robbins demonstrates how John Piper is teaching Justification By Faith And Works. John Piper has never retracted this false teaching.

Could you send me a link to the post in which you use my video? Please e-mail me and tell me what you thought of Dr. Robbins' essay. This essay is important, especially in light of the Federal Vision heresy which is sweeping Presbyterian and Reformed Baptist churches. For example, even James White has come out saying that he considers Federal Vision proponents, again people who teach Justification By Faith And Works, to be Christians.
Sola Fide,
Monty L. Collier

Red Beetle said...

Here is my email:

Jeremy Bradshaw said...

My Response (sent via email):

I'm sorry about the confusion but I don't recall ever reading the article you mentioned nor do I recall seeing it. Here are links to the videos I've embedded that include John Piper-

From everything I've read from John Piper I do not see how one could come to the conclusion that he is advocating justification by faith and works unless he is taken out of context. I'd refer you to his books, Counted Righteous in Christ and The Justification of God. Blessings!