Friday, February 27, 2009

A Hill to Die On

Since President Obama was elected I have urged my congregation to pray for him regardless of political party affiliation. I still believe the is our Christian duty but it does not mean we stand idly by when the administration takes actions which betray the Word of God (our higher authority). Today I read with sadness and anger that President Obama intends to reverse a policy President Bush enacted that protects doctors and nurses who refuse to perform abortions based on moral convictions. Here is the link to an article explaining further.

Our prayers need to be for the President to be brought to conviction and repentance. Does he not claim to be a believer in Christ and the Bible? A man of integrity would not be so double-tongued and compromise conviction to placate a party line. In addition we need to pray for our congressmen and senators to have Wilburforce-like courage and take the rights of the unborn as a "hill to die on". Let me encourage you to contact your representatives as well to make them aware of our moral protest.

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