Friday, March 13, 2009

The Gathering Storm of Statism

You may not know much about home-education. You may be leery of it from lack of exposure to families who responsibly educate their children at home. You may be concerned over the loss of Christian witness by a mass exodus of believers from public schools. No matter what your view, this story (link below) should send chills down your spine. A North Carolina judge has ordered that the children of a home-educating family be enrolled in public school in the next school year. It is not a matter of the children being neglected or receiving poor education at home- they are testing two grade levels above their current grade. One of the central reasons the judge has overruled the parents' rights and authority is because he believes the children can get better social skills in a public school. This is a myth of course, but that's not even the main point. The main point is that the state is now assuming control in the home. This is a dangerous trend my friends. It is an attack on the American family.
Read Voddie Baucham's piece on the case HERE.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a crazy ordeal...thanks for posting this. Traci and I are straddling the fence right now on the home-education vs. public education issue, but hearing this really makes me want to rebel against the system and keep my kids home from K thru 12!
This is one of your, by the way, how are you? I look at your blog about once every week or so, and just thought I'd say hi. Things are going well here in France. We have begun to use the first Truth and Grace book with our kids, and Traci and I have started to study the same book of the Bible, simultaneously, for the first time. It really makes a difference when we're on the same page, literally!
I just read John Piper's blog and found an article he wrote entitled, "6 reasons a pastor should blog", and I thought of you. I also was encouraged to go forward with my own blog. I started one two weeks ago, but have battled with the thought of whether or not I should commit to it. But, as Piper says in his article, good writing promotes good thinking, and thinking is an area I struggle in all too often!
May God bless your ministry in Port Arthur...I can't wait to visit again!


Charles said...

My wife and I home educated our own two sons all the way to high school graduation. The oldest is working on a PhD and the youngest is nearly a junior in a state university where he has a 4.0 GPA.
I served 4 years as president of our local home school association which had about 100 families during my term. I can relate many, many examples of children who have grown to be responsible, totally "socialable" adults. What the judge says about these kids is nonsense, and he may well know that.
Our nation is caught up in a dangerous spiral into a place where virtually everything is headed for state control. We need to battle that trend in every way we can while remembering that everything is ultimately and completely under Almighty God's control.
Pray for that family. Seriously and prayerfully consider home education for your own children. There are great benefits, I assure you. I was blessed to be able to do 90% of all the "teaching" of my own two sons. The special bond created during those years survives to this day, and I thank God for that. I believe I have something with my own children that most fathers do not have, and it came about in part and was strengthened by my daily interaction with my sons in our home school.