Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spiritual Disciplines class

If you have been part of my Wednesday night class over the last two months on 'Conversational Gospel Sharing' then you know we are about to wrap it up. The next class that will be offered is a study of 'Spiritual Disciplines'. We will be using the book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney. This will be a great study through the basic tools of a pursuit of godliness like prayer, Bible study, fasting, etc. Lord willing, I will begin this class on March 25 at 6pm. We have about 35 minutes of teaching followed with about 20 minutes of intercessory prayer around the tables. It is a great time of learning and fellowship in the Word.

You can purchase the book through or Lifeway Bookstores. If you'd like for me to order you a copy I can and the cost will be $11 per book. However for the month of March is giving away (FREE) the audio book of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. I'd encourage you to go to the website and download that- it is pretty simple, just follow the instructions. Here is the LINK.

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