Thursday, April 30, 2009

Risk is Right

Our church is about to go on its first mission trip in over 25 years. We are super-excited and we’re not going all that far away. About ten of us are going to partner with a congregation south of Harlingen Texas in the Rio Grande Valley to do evangelism and service projects in a farming community full of immigrant families. Someone mentioned to me the other day their concern about violence across the border and another person mentioned our potential risk by the new strain of flu that is causing such a (unnecessary) panic.

The fact of the matter is we are not careless and must be discerning wherever we go, but the bottom line is that real safety is a myth. It is a myth that we can guarantee real safety anywhere and anytime. Real security is in the arms of God and we must go where He leads. Now we aren’t even going anywhere with a high risk level- certainly not in comparison to missionaries around the world and church leaders who live in countries hostile to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Follow this link to read the story about three men who were martyred for the gospel in Turkey. What an inspiring and convicting story (stay tuned for more info when our church will be showing the film). We should use the freedoms we have in this country to go as far as the Lord sends and trust Him with our security. Spreading the gospel does not call us to be careless but it does call us to take risks!

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