Friday, April 3, 2009

Technology and True Discipline

A minister friend of mine was telling me how he and the rest of his church staff got blackberries to make them more efficient. He was very excited about the whole church staff 2.0 level of efficiency. Well I hope the Blackberries help- I'll admit I struggle with coveting that shiny, glowing marvel, but the revelation of a new piece of tech revolutionizing efficiency is nothing new. First it was the pager, then the cell phone (in all its bulky, pull-up antenna glory), then the palm pilot, then the blackberry, and most recently the i-Phone. There is and will always be some latest gizmo which tempts us to believe we can substitute technology for discipline. Don’t get me wrong- I too drool over the latest gadget but these things will not make us better stewards of the time the Lord has assigned us if our hearts are not committed to be disciplined for the Lord. Without a personal commitment to discipline that new “magic discipline device” is just a $300 piece of bling on your belt. I’m reminded of 1 Timothy 4:7-8. We are to discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness. Godliness is the goal and a personal commitment is required. Paul never tells Timothy that personal laziness can be tolerated as long as he purchases the new i-Parchment. Okay, yeah that was cheesy but you get the idea. Technology can be an aide but be careful that it isn't expected to substitute true discipline, which begins in the heart.

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