Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cable-free Living

Blair and I are in our second week of cable-free living. It is different. We made the decision to cut our cable and a couple other luxury expenditures. This helps us save some money for the baby arriving in about six months and helps us dedicate some more money toward missions. Budget-adjustment was secondary to lifestyle-adjustment.

We have had a growing irritation about the amount of garbage being broadcast in our living room. Even though we are pretty choosy about what we watch (there are still a couple programs we've tuned into online), it is hard to avoid much of the immoral clutter. So why be such willing participants to temptation?

I'm not telling anyone else how to specifically be more disciplined in this area but we should all be more disciplined in this area. For Blair and me the choice has freed up some cash, increased time for real interaction, strengthened the walls of our minds against dangerous images and words, and honestly made a calmer environment in our home. Think about how much time the world has its influence. Be discerning and be disciplined.

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