Friday, May 29, 2009

Gospel + Community= Total Church

I'd like to recommend a book by a couple of Anglican church planters called Total Church. It is an easy yet very insightful read about the church as the fusion for gospel and community (often one of these is left out). Below is a video of one of the authors, Tim Chester talking about the gist of the book. HERE is a LINK to some lectures by the other author, Steve Timmis at Mars Hill Church on the issues addressed in the book. Here is a quote (pg. 86) that really grabbed my attention as it applies directly to our church:

"Over time churches seen to acquire committees, meetings, programs, and traditions, none of which may be wrong themselves, but which cumulatively move the church from mission to maintenance mode. Time and energy are spent making the institutions functions. The energy of many churches is thus absorbed in maintaining the legacy of a program of activities and church buildings. Roles exist that have to be filled. The life of the church is geared around maintaining its structures and programs. We need to shift into "mission mode"."

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