Monday, May 25, 2009

Let's Go to the Movies

My wife and I have watched a lot of movies over the past few days. Okay, well not a lot, but it feels that way. Last Friday we enjoyed Fiddler on the Roof. Great movie. I'd actually seen it way way back but thought Blair would enjoy it (which she did) so it made the Netflix que. It gives a lot of insight into Jewish culture and traditions (enter Topol and cymbals). This is a movie can spur a lot of good conversation and will have you humming tunes way past the "that's getting annoyingly old" line. It's about three hours, so get cozy but I highly recommend this classic.

Today we went to see the new Night at the Museum movie. It was refreshing to go to the movies (go to the early bird at Tinsletown and its only $4.50!!) and not be embarrassed by foul language, sexual innuendo, or gratuitous violence. I was pleasantly surprised that Hollywood can make such a wholesome and family-friendly film. I'm sure for little ones there might be some scary special effects images but it was nothing nightmare-worthy (all the kids I saw left smiling- none shaking or crying). No academy awards. Nothing that makes you ponder deep issues. Just a good popcorn flick you can enjoy without compromising your values or polluting your mind.

Tonight we watched Flywheel. This was the first film by Sherwood Pictures (of Sherwood Baptist Church) before Facing the Giants and Fireproof. Yes, the acting is amature. Yes, the production quality is not great. Yes, the dialogue can sound cheezy at times. In fact, we almost hit stop about 5 minutes in. Still... I found myself really enjoying the movie.

That got me thinking, which is worse- poor acting and production quality but a story with a redemptive message told while preserving Biblical values? Or Oscar-caliber acting, great production quality but corrupt values and a man-centered story? I've heard a lot more criticism from Christians about the Sherwood movies regarding production quality than I have about movies they saw filled with sex and disgusting language. Be discerning about what you watch and set your mind on. Review what you watch before you watch it to screen out the garbage. Process the content and message of the movie or TV show after you watch it.

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