Monday, May 4, 2009

More thoughts on Coolness

Seriously, I am not cool. My wife thinks I’m cool. My two dogs think I’m the cat’s pajamas- well you know what I mean, but trust me I flunk coolness. What is a complete relief to me is that God did not call me to coolness. He called me to faithfulness. Coolness does not grow the church- God grows His church. Yet everywhere I look in ‘Christendom’ I see preachers and churches trying to be cool.

I’m dreading the arrival of Tom Hanks’ new movie “Angels and Demons”, but not for the reason you might think. It isn’t the anti-Catholic or anti-Christian message of the movie that really scares me. What I am really dreading is all the copy-cat sermon and book title that are sure to follow. How many preachers will suddenly preach a series called “Discovering the Angels and Demons in your life!” or “Are you an Angel or a Demon in your home?” or of course since sex is the favorite topic of so many “think I’m cool” preachers, how about “Is your sex life an Angel or a Demon?” Okay those sound ridiculous but is it that far off?

How is this for a novel idea? Instead of giving a talk on the latest buzz topic- preach the Word. Open the Bible and explain what it says in context and with application. Instead of ‘dressing up the set’ with visual aids for your entertaining talk on a pop-culture theme- make the holiness of God the center of attention. Instead of dressing to impress- dress to fade into the background. When I go to a restaurant the servers can be as hip as they want but if the food is terrible I’m not going back. Be yourself rather than trying to be the object of coolness.

Stepping off my soap box for a second, it is important that we evaluate everything with the standard- is this drawing attention to self or to Christ? Many Christians and churches that are trying to be cool I think genuinely want to reach the lost with the gospel, but we have to guard our hearts from vanity. Getting people to like us is not the same as opening ears to the gospel.

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