Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Short-term Mission Trips

In eleven days, eleven people will be sent from our church for a short-term mission trip to the Rio Grande Valley area of our state. We'll be partnering with another local church to do gospel ministry in the community. Our mission is simply to strengthen the work of Rangerville Baptist Church (just outside Harlingen, TX) in the immigrant community that surrounds them. This is the first short-term mission trip our church has taken in over 25 years and our vision is that it would be the first of many. Our hope is that we could carry out the Great Commission as the Lord opens doors, that we'd strengthen the continuous work of the local missionaries and churches we partner with, and that full-time missionaries we be called out of our church through these trips. Here is an encouraging and challenging video from John Piper regarding short-term mission trips and who should go.

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