Thursday, May 28, 2009

The World has Changed- Are you Ready?

President Obama said several weeks ago that "We (U.S.A.) do not consider ourselves a Christian nation". This saddened me to here an American President say such a thing, but by and large he's right. The roots and ideals of our nation are founded upon a Biblical worldview and Judeo-Christian principles (though I'm not suggesting our founders were all Christian or that we should ever be "Christendom"). The values and worldview has changed in 228 years. We are living in a society with a post-Christian mindset. Christianity is a nuisance and a stumbling block to the new tolerance. So we should be prepared for things to get a lot more difficult for those who are genuine Christ-followers and who sincerely live with a Biblical worldview.

This ARTICLE came to me this morning and I'm angered, but I know this is just a shade of things to come. The local government is essentially banning a bible study group from meeting in a home unless they pay thousands of dollars in permits. This story is not overblown and presents a real and present shift in the application of 1st Amendment rights. Prepare yourself church. A time is coming (and is here) when your faith will require courage.

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