Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The false teaching of the "Prosperity Gospel"

Many unbelievers have a confused understanding of Christianity. They view us not unlike every other major world religion. If you submit to a moral code (for Christians that code is found in the Bible- especially the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus) God will show you favor. They see us as hypocrites who legalize this moral code but do not often follow it. Heaven is for those who have earned happiness because of their goodness and Hell (if they believe it exists at all) is for those who live un-humanly- that is to say, who exhibit evil behavior against others. This gross misunderstanding of Christianity and the gospel is perpetuated by the false preaching that is heralded by so many pulpits and through so many lifestyles. It is the heralding of the “prosperity gospel” which is no gospel at all and has further distracted people from the true gospel. Here is a poignant video that rebukes this false teaching.

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