Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rio Grande Valley Mission Trip 2009- Report

We had a wonderful trip last week and I want to thank all the "senders". After an eight-hour drive our team met with the host church for a dedication and prayer service. This was a special time of fellowship and worship. Monday through Thursday we led a Bible school for the children in the Rangerville/ San Benito community. Over the course of the week we had just over 60 children to minister to- many being "bussed-in" from Harlingen.

Several of the members of Rangerville Baptist Church jumped right in and worked alongside our team members. This was great because they'll be the ones following-up on the children and their families as they continue the ministry there. During the morning we did work projects for the church- everything from painting to chain-sawing trees (downed by Hurricane Dolly in '08). I know of three children for certain that came to a saving knowledge of God's grace and opened their hearts to Jesus- hallelujah! We counseled with many more and many seeds were planted.

Aside from the mission work we had two opportunities to rest and sight-see. The beach was nearby so we took a couple hours to get away, get some ice cream, and catch some waves (or rays)! We also went down the road to the Marine Academy and Iwo Jima Memorial. The original monument (replicated in D.C.) is in Harlingen- it was humbling to be reminded of the great sacrifice so many American soldiers made for our freedoms. Of course our whole mission trip was about honoring the greatest sacrifice- that of Jesus Christ on the cross- to purchase everlasting freedom in God!

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