Thursday, July 30, 2009

Congregational Bible Study... Coming September 6

If you keep doing things the way you always do them you could end up looking like that picture. Thankfully the Lord is always at work in us and life is always new in Christ. Sanctification is a daily process of change and although change can often be frightening it is part of growing in godliness. We are about to make a fairly significant change at Memorial Baptist as it concerns our Bible study ministry. We recognize that we cannot keep doing things the same way and expect new results. The results we are aiming for are transformed lives, transformed families, and a transformed church to God’s glory! To do these we need to challenge ourselves to go deeper in God’s Word and use methods that will help us to apply it more thoroughly.

Beginning September 6 our adults (including teenagers) will meet together for “congregational Bible study”. Our "Sunday School" format has been to divide by departments which are mostly separated by age-brackets. When this format began it was a sincere effort to simply add some organization to the Bible study ministry. The downside however is that one can come and connect with a certain group (or tribe) and never really become integrated into the whole church. This keeps the younger and less mature Christians from learning from the older and wiser Christians (and at times vice versa). We are going to start bringing everyone together for Bible study. This new togetherness is to connect our church family more closely to one another so that we avoid segregating in our little tribes. It is also so that we would learn from one another across generations. This together time will be about 20-30 minutes in length and then we’ll break into small groups for discussion and accountability time (about 30-40 minutes). The congregational gathering will be dedicated to Bible teaching and the small group time will be dedicated to life application.

Each semester we’ll study something new. This semester we will examine what it means to have and live by a Biblical worldview. In the Spring we are likely to delve in a New Testament survey course. I hope this will serve to do some spiritual body building in our church family. If you are not a member of Memorial please pray for us. We want to be thoroughly equipped to engage our culture with the gospel and to stand firm among the myriad of false teaching that is being spread in our world today.

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