Monday, August 17, 2009

10 things that really make me smile this week...

1. My wife gets some much needed rest at the beach with her mom, aunts, and sister (us guys are joining them later in the week which is good because I don’t like being at home without my B).

2. We had a great time hosting three other young couples at our home Sunday night. I’m praying for each of these couples that God would strengthen their homes and use them as leaders in our congregation.

3. I get to meet with one of those young couples this Sunday night because they are getting married in a few weeks and I have the joy of doing some pre-marital counseling.

4. I’m getting with other men in the church (and guests) at Buffalo Wild Wings this Thursday night for the first guys-only get together. “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).

5. The Lord has introduced me to another young man in the community that is not a believer but is open to talking more about the faith.

6. Football season is right around the corner. What everything has to be ministry-related? My Astros are spiraling and I relish getting to unwind on the couch every Sunday afternoon watching my Texans spiral too.

7. Blair and I watched the movie Bella yesterday afternoon which had a great pro-life and pro-adoption message (two things I’m really passionate about). I’m still thinking about that movie today and highly recommend it!

8. This Sunday’s sermon texts- Matthew 16:13-28 and Nehemiah 2 are amazing. I am having so much fun getting to exegete these texts and it will be even more exciting to teach them!

9. I’m having breakfast tomorrow with the senior adults of Ridgewood Church and my good friend Kyle. He’s asked me to bring a devotional and he’s quietly hoping I don’t forget.

10. Blair and I are now about three months away from being parents!

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