Thursday, August 20, 2009

Missions: Make your Choice

Here is a very moving video that highlights the need around the world for the gospel. 'Missions' is not merely social work. It is not just personal, neighbor-to-neighbor evangelism. It is bringing the gospel to a people who are outside your immediate cultural sphere. Please pray for our missionaries on the ground now. Ask the Lord to reveal how you can support this gospel mission. Would you be willing to give up cable TV, satellite radio, a couple rounds of golf, or a monthly dinner at a restaurant to provide for a global and eternal need? At the end of the video there is a quote which presents three options to us regarding missions- you can go, you can send, or you can disobey. Which option have you chosen? Make your choice.

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Anonymous said...

Something I saw on this video got me doing some math. 2,000,000,000 unreached, divided by 100,000 missionaries, equals 20,000. I posted this on my blog and posed the question, "Do we expect each and every missionary to reach 20,000 people?" Man, I'm not even sure that the language group that we'll work with will have half that many people, or even a quarter! And then there's missionaries who don't even work amongst unreached peoples, not to mention administrators and support people who are included in that number that don't have a lot of chances to share the gospel.