Friday, September 4, 2009

Grateful Pastor... Amazing Church

Last night I had the privilege of officiating the ceremony for Micah and Meredith Schuff. Blair and I have been able to get to know this sweet couple over the past few months and see how God is working in their lives. It is a joy to see the redemptive love of Christ transform people and unite them together. Today they are enjoying their honeymoon and I am still enjoying what I saw from my church last night. You see Micah has been a member since he was a teenager but drifted out of the church and away from faithfulness to the Lord. Yet the Lord never let him go. About a year ago I went to visit Micah with one of my deacons (only knowing Micah as a name on the membership roll). We reminded him and encouraged him of his need and his responsibility to reconnect with the fellowship of the Body of Christ. God began drawing him back and strengthening his walk in the Word. Meredith was new to our church and had not experienced the kind of family atmosphere we try to cultivate at Memorial. As an engaged couple it immediately encouraged them to have a support group around them but as they planned for the wedding they anticipated a small turn-out.

They still didn't know a lot of people in the church very personally and they had distanced themselves from friends of their past that were not edifying in their spiritual growth. So they expected a few family members, some co-workers, and a small handful of church friends. What they got was a sanctuary full and an overcrowded Fellowship Hall for the reception. They received a pile of gifts and cards as well as a stack of encouraging notes. Needless to say they were blown away and reminded of the fact that they are not entering this marriage without a loving support group around them. It really made me proud (in a grateful to God way) to be the pastor. It was so encouraging to see a sea of volunteers put together a beautiful reception. Many gave of their time and money to decorate the sanctuary and prepare food for the reception. The Body of Christ came together to give a young couple a solid start. It sure makes me a grateful pastor to see my church in one of its finest hours. I have no doubt that those same people will be standing there beside this couple and others to help them throughout their marriage- for better or for worse.

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