Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine things I love about my Wife on 09-09-09

On 09-09-09 I am inspired to write nine things that I love about my wife Blair. This was not easy to do... because it's hard to limit this list at nine! Okay, I'm not trying to be cheesy I just really appreciate this amazing woman God has brought into my life. She is quiet and reserved in public so most people never really get to see what I see on a daily basis. Here are just a sample of the things I love about her...

1. I love that Blair is so gentle. This is a godly attribute that she exudes and I pale by comparison.

2. I love that Blair doesn’t waste words. I’m a talker and she is much more reserved so when she has something to say it is usually very intentional.

3. I love that Blair sees life through a Biblical worldview. It is essential that a married couple is on the same page here because your worldview shapes nearly every decision and value.

4. I love that Blair loves chocolate. We both enjoy the simple pleasures of life and one of those is munching on anything chocolate.

5. I love that Blair loves to cook… not only because it is a huge ministry to me in our home but because she’s just so darn good at it!

6. I love that Blair will occasionally and only with me burst into random song. It is both sweet and hilarious all at once cause deep inside I think she'd love to be a pop star.

7. I love that Blair let’s me watch ESPN on my lunch breaks and football on Sunday afternoon. She’s not a sports junkie but is okay that I am and she’ll watch with me (likewise I watch a lot of Food Network and HGTV with her).

8. I love that Blair encourages me with Biblical truth in a kind- not nagging- way. I’m the leader of our home but her role as helper requires that sometimes I need nudges and reminders to lead out.

9. I love that Blair is my best friend. The best conversations, the best laughs, and the best stories are shared in our times together. The Lord has blessed us with great friends outside our marriage but our ‘hang-out’ times together are second to none (one tip to cultivate this time- don’t have a TV in the bedroom).

Okay sorry I can't keep it at nine... one more, I love that Blair will be the mother of my son in less than three months. She will be an amazing mom and I wouldn't want to raise a child with anyone else in the world. Praise be to God, I am so blessed!

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Blair Bradshaw said...

You have brightened my day by a million smiles...thank you. I laughed a lot reading this, thankfully chewy and foster were the only ones here. love you.