Wednesday, October 14, 2009

30 years of faithful, enduring ministry...

Thirty years ago today one of the pastoral heros of my life, John Piper obeyed God's calling on his life into the pastoral ministry. Months after pursuing this call he was installed as the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church. On the night Piper felt the strongest urging of the Lord to answer the call he wrote in his journal,

"I am closer tonight to actually deciding to resign at Bethel (Seminary) and take a pastorate than I have ever been... The urge is almost overwhelming. It takes this form: I am enthralled by the reality of God and the power of his Word to create authentic people."

He was 29 years old. The ministry of Desiring God and of Bethlehem Baptist Church is mighty not because John Piper is mighty but because he faithfully followed our mighty God. Read the whole story HERE from Justin Taylor.

HT: Justin Taylor (especially for the 'old school' Piper pic)

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