Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are women better off today than 40 years ago?

Time Magazine has just released their latest issue which argues that women are more powerful today than 40 years ago. There is no doubt that women have more access to resources that will offer them financial independence and wealth. There is no doubt women have access to job fields that were unavailable 40 years ago. However, what's the trade-off? One would have a difficult time arguing that women are not more objectified today than 40 years ago. Sexual harassment and the objectification of women certainly existed 40 years ago but was it splashed across magazines and prime-time television?

Sadly, many Christians assume that the worldly standards and expectations of womanhood are the accepted norm. The Bible presents a radically different worldview and model for both manhood and womanhood than our culture presents. We should take the Scriptures seriously and honor the genders for their uniqueness. Men and women were not created to be interchangeable parts- to assume so diminishes value. It doesn't magnify it. Similarly women were not given their unique form to be forced to exploit it for monetary gain and power jockeying in the workplace. Below is a video by the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood which is a response to the article and the anti-Biblical movement of secular feminism.

CBMW Responds to TIME (Full Version) from CBMW on Vimeo.

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