Monday, October 19, 2009

Making Disciples of Young Adults

When I became the pastor at Memorial after ten years in youth ministry and six days before my 31st birthday the expectations from more than a few were that I'd "bring in the young adults". If only I had a magic flute! Of course my goal was never and will never be to function as the Minister of Marketing. Mostly we have seen young adults come but not really stick. This is discouraging in part because of a prideful desire to see a "growing" church, but there is a genuine grief because we want to obey the Great Commission to "make disciples".

Ultimately God draws people to Himself. He does so through the Church's obedience to share and live out the gospel. We've got to be serious about this as a church. It calls for sacrifice. It calls for diligence. It calls for investing time and money. It calls for a willingness to invest our lives into the lives of others. Kevin DeYoung offers five suggestions for reaching young adults- and not reaching them in a superficial way. It isn't by a program or a music style or by adding a staff member. Here are the five key things...

  1. Grab them with passion.
  2. Win them with love.
  3. Hold them with holiness
  4. Challenge them with truth
  5. Amaze them with God.

Go HERE to read the whole piece by Kevin DeYoung.

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