Monday, October 5, 2009

Marriage Prep

By the time a couple gets to their pastor for pre-marital counseling they are already deep into the wedding planning process. It is hard for the pastor to get any instruction to stick as their focus is on picking out a cake, making honeymoon reservations, and deciding how many cheesy love songs to include in the ceremony. Thousands of dollars and hours upon hours are dedicated to the wedding yet very little preparation (intentionally anyway) is put into the marriage. That is really tragic when you think about it!

One of the first questions I like to ask when doing pre-marital counseling is, "Can I talk you out of this?" I mean it too which is obvious on the awkward look I receive before any answer comes. If I can talk them out of it then they need to slow it down. Plus, it is a helpful way to bring gravity to what the couple are about to enter into.

I'm always trying to improve in this area of pastoral ministry and recently I came across a helpful blog post by John Piper called- "Questions to Ask When Preparing for Marriage." Perhaps this will be helpful for your marriage or to pass along to other couples that may be preparing for marriage. HERE IT IS.

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