Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Roundtable on the End Times

What is the gospel? Where do Christians go when they die? What is the Millennium that Scripture speaks of? How do we understand the events of the "last days"? These are great issues that are discussed by a panel of scholars moderated by Dr. John Piper. The video below is a must-watch. There are few resources out there that provide a fair and balanced perspective on all the eschatological views. Stanley Grenz wrote a book some years back called The Millennial Maze that is excellent but this video provides clear information in a two-hour time frame. Dr. Sam Storms represents the amillennial viewpoint, Dr. Douglas Wilson represents the postmillennial viewpoint, and Dr. Jim Hamilton represents the premillennial viewpoint. Dr. Hamilton was one of the most influential professors I had in seminary (at Southwestern but now teaching at Southern Seminary). All these men are godly, gospel-loving men of faith so this makes for a great and quick two-hours. Enjoy!

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