Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Day, First Fruits

Over at the Nine Marks blog Thabiti Anyabwile has some insightful thoughts about our perspective toward Sunday. He poses the question whether we view Sunday as the first or last day of the week. Pragmatically speaking it is part of the weekend (in our culture) and is often treated as the last day though God did establish it as the first day. For Christians this affects how we treat worship on that day. It isn't to be treated strictly as the Jews treat their Sabbath Day. While rest often part of what Christians should do on Sunday worship is the main objective for the day. Do we approach Sunday as a day to just unwind or as a day of "first fruits" for the Lord? It is a day for preparation. As we draw near to the Lord on Sunday we are prepared or equipped for what He will call us to throughout the week. Too often Christians get lazy about worship (non-attendance) or lazy in worship (non-participation). As a pastor I spend all week preparing for my sermon on Sunday. So it is easy for me to preach and feel completed when the application of the sermon has just begun. Let me encourage you not to view Sunday selfishly ("this is my day to rest and relax"). You will find rest and you will be refreshed when your focus for Sunday is on a day for the Lord's glory.

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