Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finding a Good Church

During January I've been re-reading some stuff that I read in preparation for becoming a pastor. It is good to get a refresher from time to time. The past couple days I went back through Mark Dever's little book, What is a Healthy Church? and was encouraged all over again concerning some core principles our church is working towards making stronger. On one page (pg. 79) Mark provides some tips on how to find a good church. He proposes some diagnostic questions that I began answering in my head regarding my own ministry and our church. So what do you think, how does our church (or your church if you're not a member of my church) answer these diagnostic questions?
  1. Would I want to find a spouse who has been brought up under this church's
  2. What picture of Christianity will my children see in this church-- something
    distinct or something a lot like the world?
  3. Would I be happy to invite non-Christians to this church... that is, would
    they clearly hear the gospel and see lives consistent with it?
  4. Does the church have a heart for welcoming and reaching non-Christians?
  5. Is this church a place where I can minister and serve?

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