Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mission & Four Pillars of Memorial Baptist

Lord willing, tomorrow I will be concluding a short series on the mission and membership of our church. Every year I like to revist this subject (entering year three) so that we are all crystal clear on what our church is really about and what it means to be part of our church. After a process of boiling down these ideas into concise and memorable statements (which included several meetings with various members) we have a mission statement and what we now call the "four pillars of church membership".
  • Our mission statement is... "Memorial Baptist Church seeks to be a family who glorifies Christ through living and proclaiming God's Word."
Why a mission statement? It helps make clear to all of our members that we are not an event, a social club, or a religious duty. We are a community on a very Scriptural and specific mission. There is much more that could be said but simplicity aids in retention.
The "four pillars of church membership" inform every member what is expected. Membership in the local church does not save, but once redeemed in Christ we are made a part of his universal church which is visibly represented through the local church. There are both privileges and responsibilities to membership. We choose to articulate these responsibilities through the "four pillars" which, once again, are simply phrased for retention and application. The four pillars are:
  1. Linking in Fellowship... Every member must be 'linked' to Christ and His Body; we do this through genuine relationships in the church and by gathering weekly for worship.

  2. Learning the Bible... Every member must be committed to 'learn' God's Word through personal and family devotions and through the preaching and teaching ministries of the church.

  3. Leading in Ministry... Every member must seek to 'lead' through the gifts, talents, and personality God gave you for the common good of the church; opportunities to bless others abound!

  4. Living out the Gospel... Every member must 'live out' the good news that has changed you in every area of life; this begins of course with having a Biblical worldview.

So there it is in summary... now let's be who we know God has called us to be!

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