Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preaching through Matthew's Gospel and Beyond

As we are well into the New Year I thought it would be good to lay out where my preaching ministry will be heading in 2010. This post is especially for my church but I hope those friends who peek into this blog from time to time find this helpful as well. Since July '08 I've been preaching through the Gospel of Matthew with minimal excursions. Lord willing I will complete this series in August of this year. I'm very excited about the texts that are before us. Very shortly we will come to the turning point in the Gospel where Jesus and His disciples enter Jerusalem for the finals days of His earthly ministry. Preaching over the cross, the resurrection, and the Great Commission will provide for some thrilling times in my study and I pray in the pulpit as well. I chose to preach through Matthew for three reasons. One, I believe in the expositional preaching of whole books of the Bible as the most healthy main diet for the church. Two, I wanted to dive right into the life of Jesus. Is there a more compelling, more life-altering story than the real events of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection?? Not in a million years! Three, it covers a gamut of real life issues of today and I wanted my flock to see how pertinent the Bible is (though what book of the Bible is not pertinent??).

I actually began the year with a five-week series on our church's mission and values (mostly from the Book of Acts) but I'm thankful to be back in Matthew. Once we've concluded Matthew I hope to preach about six or seven sermons from the Old Testament book of Jonah and then conclude the year in a doctrinal study about Jesus Christ. Of course there will be a couple of biography sermons thrown in again-- I'm strongly considering one on John Wesley after reading Iain Murray's book from a reformed perspective on Wesley. The other is likely to be over Martin Luther for Reformation Sunday. As we near November, Lord willing I will lead you in some reading plans (3-4) through Paul's Letter to the Galatians as preparation for what I hope to preach through in 2011. So there you go, that's the plan as I sense the Spirit leading now. Hopefully that will help in your personal devotions as well.

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