Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two years... Two Praises... Two Prayer Requests

Two years ago on this date, March 23 I preached my "installation" sermon as pastor of Memorial Baptist. Time flies when you're having fun! Some days it feels like just a short time- which it has been, but other days of course it feels much longer. Such is life in the pastoral ministry. I'm so thankful the Lord brought me to serve at Memorial and in Port Arthur. He has put such a burden on my heart for this city and for the people under my watch. On my first Sunday we celebrated Easter Sunday and I preached from the text of Peter's sermon in Acts 2. Since that day the Lord had done many wonderful things in my life through this ministry and today I'm very reflective about where we've been and where we're going. Being my 2-year anniversary as pastor I thought of two praises or things I'm thankful to the Lord for, and two prayer requests or things I'm really seeking the Lord for.

Two Praises:
  1. I'm so thankful for the precious and encouraging saints the Lord has put in Blair's and my life. We have so many more life-shaping friendships with brothers and sisters of different generations and are thankful that these friends will also be part of our new son's life.
  2. I'm so thankful for a church that is eager to hear God's Word preached. I came with one clear agenda--to systematically and expositionally preach through Biblical books. It has been such a blessing to hear people (of all ages) excited about learning the Bible.

Two Prayer Requests:

  1. I'm praying the Lord will use our congregation to call men and women to faith in Christ and be united with our fellowship. I'm so eager to see the miracle of salvation in happen in our community and through our church's reach. Nothing excites me more than seeing God's sovereign grace at work!
  2. I'm praying the Lord will raise up doctrinally sound and evangelistic leaders in our congregation. You can never have enough. We need more people (especially men) who will be called to teach God's Word and stand with conviction on God's Word.

I'm eager to see and to savor what God does among us. My hope since day one was to be part of a Word-driven church who could speak of what exciting things are happening among our fellowship and say, "Only by the power of the Word... only God has done it."

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