Sunday, April 4, 2010

3rd Easter at Memorial

The day is nearing an end as I write this and the third Easter Sunday I've celebrated with my Memorial Baptist church family has come to a close. I love Easter Sunday. Actually we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord every Sunday (hence, the Lord's Day) but this one Sunday of the year just seems to be a special time of celebration and remembrance. It is also a day when many people feel obliged for whatever reason to attend worship for their one day a year. On one hand I'm saddened that people do this but on the other hand I rejoice knowing more lost people will have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Today I preached from Luke 24:13-35. Two drifters on a road from one middle eastern town to the next. They were first confused about Jesus (being blinded by sin). Then they were confronted by Jesus (who now resurrected explained to them about the God's redemptive plan from all the Scriptures). Finally they were converted by Jesus (given regenerate hearts to believe). I was these drifters! No more though, to the praise of God's sovereign and merciful grace. I hope those of you in this reading were able to congregate with a local church where God's Word was preached. There is not creative bone in my body or bells-and-whistles program that can do what the Scriptures can accomplish!

[For my flock... back in our series through Matthew's Gospel next Sunday. We're picking up in chapter 24. Then on Sunday night at 6pm I'll do the introduction to a new series in the Book of Job]

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