Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back home/ Catching up

It is good to be back in Port Arthur/ Groves though I had an incredible time at T4G. Even better was getting a few days to spend alone with my wife. We feel physically drained after the long car ride back (crying baby and two whining dogs do not make for a leisurely drive), but we feel mentally and spiritually recharged. The physical strength will catch up after a couple more nights in our own bed.

Now concerning the conference. You can go HERE to download or listen to audio or you can watch the video of each main session. It was truly a blessing to hear these godly men challenge us to be faithful to preaching the true gospel and warning us against the dangers of "adjusting" the gospel. It was also a kick to hang out with two of my longtime friends, John Denby and Paul Lyle. These are two faithful preachers and iron sharpened iron through our fellowship over the week.

I'm back in full swing this week. Tonight in fact I'll be preaching at Lamar University's Baptist Student Ministry. If you are in or around Beaumont tonight (or next Tuesday night) around 7pm (ish) pop in to the BSM building on campus. You can call 409-880-2276 for details.

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