Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Biblical Office of "Shock Absorber"

The Lord has raised up some good men at Memorial over the past fifty years to serve as deacons and I am blessed to serve alongside some of these men. Our guys are nose-to-the-grind workers and even those who physically can not do as much as when they were younger exemplify integrity and godliness with their behavior. In a few weeks we will be doing deacon training- not for future deacons but for the current ones. This is not suggest that they've not received training in the past but does show their willingness to keep sharpening their minds and hearts for more ministry. In the past on this blog I've posted on deacon qualifications- HERE, HERE, and HERE. There is another resource out there now I want to draw my congregation's attention to and perhaps it will be a resource for others who read this blog as well. Nine Marks ministries has just released their latest e-Journal on the topic of deacons. The title is "Deacons are Shock Absorbers". That's a great title! The deacons that serve alongside me have certainly exemplified servanthood and are definitely "shock absorbers".

There is so much I am not gifted at doing or that would take me away from the ministry of the Word that these men gladly take on. When an A/C goes out I never blink because I know Don Chapman will have it taken care of. When one of our widows has a problem at her home I usually find out after the fact because a deacon like Norman Russell or Bunky Stephens has already fixed it. Our music ministry is handled by a deacon, our benevolence ministry is administered by a deacon, and the nuts and bolts of observing the Lord's Supper or baptism is managed by a deacon. Those are just a few things they help with and take off my plate. It is an integral office in the church which was established to help the other office in the church- elder/ pastor focus on the teaching the Word and being an overseer to the congregation. Make sure the next time you see one of the deacons you throw a word of encouragement their way. We are blessed to have such men!

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AJ said...

JL Dagg gives, what I believe, is the most thoughtful scripture reference to the heart of the deacon in his "Manual of Theology". He takes the picture of Aaron and Hur, from Exodus 17:12, holding up Moses tired arms and hands, so that the people of God could prevail over the Amalekites, to elude to the under-girding nature of the deacon's relationship to the elders so that the church can be edified. Now that will preach!