Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Hodge Podge

  • I've added a new link to a blog called Practical Shepherding. It has great counsel on pastoral care and ministry. This is a helpful resource whether you are a pastor or deacon. It is also sound advice for every church member regarding ministering to one another.
  • Even the Christian Science Monitor has taken notice of a growing return to Calvinistic doctrine. Here is a great article that gives special attention to Capitol Hill Baptist Church- a Southern Baptist Church in Washington DC.
  • The issue of homosexuality and the tolerance of some churches not to treat those engaged in it as habitual sinners in need of repentance (and the gospel) is not one we can ignore. Here is an article from the Dallas Morning News regarding a church in our state (that we are affiliated with through the BGCT) that is being called to reevaluate its poor position.
  • One more thing... as I said yesterday, I will be attending T4G next week. If you'd like to track along Tim Challies will be "lobby blogging" from the conference. If you'd like the audio of any of the sessions let me know once I get back and I can get you a CD.

I will not be blogging next week (unless I squeek in a scheduled post or two before I leave). Thanks for your prayers!

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