Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm trying to broaden my reading to include more than just theology books, commentaries, and church-related reading. Those will always be my bread-n-butter but sometimes I need a good fun escape and usually reading is better for that than plopping down in front of the TV. Generally I'm not a good fiction reader but I'm trying. Right now I've been reading a non-fiction sports book called More Than A Game by former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick. I love to read and I love football, so...

This is not a book review- I'm not even done with the thing. I got this book for some mental escape time... just for fun and darn if I haven't already found some application for ministry! Billick spends a chapter on the job of the head coach and details the average in-season work week. These guys are freaks. After reading about the 16+ hour days these guys put in with no days off I'm surprised more of them don't drop dead of a heart attack. I'm really amazed that any of these guys have families and that those who do even remember their kids' names. It doesn't border on work-a-holic, it takes it to a whole new obsessive level. That said, football is a billion dollar business and these head coaches know it. There are only 32 of these jobs on the planet with only 16 games a season to prove that you should keep that job.

They spend hours upon hours in preparation to be excellent on Sunday... and this is just for a football game! If football goes away tomorrow I'd be sad, a lot of people are out of work, and a few millionaires will have to find a new line of work (sniff sniff tear), but the world isn't doomed if the games aren't played. Yet how much preparation goes into the weekly preaching of the Word in Christian pulpits, how much preparation (by the average congregant) goes into the congregational worship? I'm not advocating working 16+ hour days for preachers. However I am challenged every week to spend more time in preparation not just for the preaching but for the worship of my holy God. What will you do this week to have your heart prepared for worship? How will you prepare your mind to receive His Word and put it into action? We're talking about something much more valuable and much more weighty than a game.

[P.S. I was having a problem with some comments coming from Spammers so I set up a filter whereby I have to approve the comment through email. Since I probably won't be checking email for a few days I'm disabling the comment feature for upcoming posts.]