Monday, April 5, 2010

Video Monday- Conrad Mbewe

Raise your hand if you've heard of Conrad Mbewe? Until recently I would count myself in the number of those who had not heard about the ministry God is doing through this brother. He is being called the "African Spurgeon". Here is an interview with Pastor Mbewe by Mark Dever. Here is a Banner of Truth article on Mbewe and below are a couple of video clips (the first, some preaching and the second, more informative concerning his ministry).


TruthMatters said...

I love this. However, the background music is so loud that I cannot hear Conrad. Were you aware of that? Is there a way to turn off the music so that I can hear the video?

Jeremy Bradshaw said...

The background music can/ could be adjusted by lowering the volume (located at the bottom of the page), but to avoid confusion I removed the player. To be honest, it was starting to annoy me too.