Thursday, April 8, 2010

What will I be doing for 8 days in April?

This Sunday I'll be preaching from Matthew 24:1-14 as we begin the final five chapters of Matthew's Gospel (a series I began in July '08). On Sunday evening I'll begin a series on the Book of Job entitled Suffering & the Sovereignty of God. This week we will outline the book itself and I'll present twelve reasons I'm doing this series. Monday morning I will begin some much appreciated enrichment/ vacation time. I'm so thankful the church allows me time during the year for vacation and for enrichment through conferences. For accountability purposes I wanted to share how I'll be spending these days.

Monday through Thursday I will be attending the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Here are the speakers and topics they will address:
  1. Mark Dever (pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in DC) will speak on "The Church is the Gospel made Visible".
  2. R.C. Sproul (pastor, author and theologian extraordinaire) will speak on "The Defense and Confirmation of the Gospel".
  3. Al Mohler (president of Southern Seminary) will speak on "How does it happen? Trajectories toward an Adjusted Gospel".
  4. Thabiti Anyabwile (pastor and author of What is a Healthy Church Member?) will speak on "How wrongly 'Engaging the Culture' adjusts the Gospel".
  5. John MacArthur (pastor-teacher and author) will speak on "The Theology of Sleep from Mark 4".
  6. David Platt (SBC pastor) will speak in a breakout session I'm attending on "Connecting Gospel Theology with Urgent Missiology".
  7. John Piper (pastor and author) will speak on "Did Jesus preach the Gospel of Evangelicalism?"
  8. Ligon Duncan (PCA pastor) will speak on "Did the [Patristic] Fathers know the Gospel?"
  9. Matt Chandler (pastor) will share testimony about his ministry and his cancer.
  10. C.J. Mahaney (director of Sovereign Grace Ministries) will speak on "Expository Faithfulness from 2 Timothy 4:1-5".

That's just the first four days! After flying back to Houston on Thursday I will be meeting my wife to spend a few precious days with her at a Bed & Breakfast in central Texas (while her parents babysit for us). Lord willing, I plan to be back in full swing by April 20. In my absence Kyle Campise of Ridgewood Church will faithfully fill the pulpit for our Lord's Day worship and evening Nightlight Service. Please pray for travelling mercies... pray that the Lord would further equip me for more fruitful ministry... and pray that Blair and I would be further strengthened in our covenant.

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