Friday, June 18, 2010

How to read a non-fiction book?

I've not finished my "labels" series of posts so hang with me. Here is a quick post though on reading. I read an interview with Mark Dever this week on the Gospel Coalition reviews page and in the interview he presents a very helpful plan for reading a non-fiction book. Obviously there are books you read lightly to get the general ideas conveyed. There are some you can read a good book review and get all the content you need. There are others you want to read more thoroughly and Dever's plan is helpful here.

  1. Read the Table of Contents
  2. Read the Preface and any other prefatory material
  3. Read the Introduction and the Conclusion (this may be first and last paragraph or first and last chapter)
  4. Read the chapter titles to get an idea of where the author is going and what he's trying to do
  5. Read the rest of the book

You can check out the whole interview HERE.

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AJ said...

Great advice for perusing books or looking for a good read. Unfortunately, this sounds like the approach most take to the preacher's sermon on Sunday! They glance through it to see if there's anything worth their full attention, instead of giving themselves to a careful ear from the Holy Spirit and an open and contrite heart of worship, pleasing unto the Lord.