Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Hodge-Podge

  • Justin Taylor gives a good primer on the doctrine of Definite Atonement (aka Limited Atonement or Particular Redemption) HERE.
  • Desiring God is spotlighting some "best of" sermon from John Piper. Here is a sub-series on Romans 12:1-2 from Piper's greater Romans series. THESE are must-listen-to's!
  • You know I love using the "Two Ways to Live" tool for personal evangelism. If you'd like to stock up HERE is a good price.
  • Do you struggle with procrastination? HERE are some practical tips to overcome that.
  • Should mothers work outside the home? That's a great question and John Piper helps us to think Biblically and practically about it. Watch below...

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