Sunday, July 11, 2010

Off to the Beach!

"Then hoisting the foresail to the wind they made for the beach..." -Acts 27:40

This week my family and I will be spending some rest and leisure time at the beach. It will be a sort of working vacation because I have a lot of advance sermon and study planning to do not to mention two sermons to prepare for next Sunday. Still, it will be some much appreciated getaway time. I am going to ask you to be praying for us this week in some specific ways.

1. Pray that my wife and I would have some quality time together (we'll have extended family there to watch the baby). I really want to be an encouragement for her.

2. Pray that this week will jumpstart our family devotion time... something I've dropped the ball on lately and want to start again daily.

3. Pray that Asher will be cooperative and comfortable even though his routine will be changing a bit for a few days.

4. Pray that I make the most of the time I set aside for study so not to bleed into family time.

5. Pray that I finish three sessions of the "Attributes of God" study series I'm writing and make some headway into some marriage counseling material I'm putting together.

6. Pray that I'm able to begin outlining the series on Jonah I'll be preaching through beginning in October.

7. Pray that I'm able to thoroughly prepare for my sermon on Matthew 27:1-10 and one that will give an overview of Job 22-31 (for Sunday).

8. Pray that we all stay healthy and safe on the road.

9. Pray that I be extra sensitive and helpful to my wife with the baby (it is easy to "check out" when you are on vacation but parent work never stops).

10. Pray the Lord give me open doors to be a gospel witness and a giver of grace to those in our path during the week.

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