Monday, August 16, 2010

Libertarian Free Will

Here is a great definition of Libertarian Free Will. I do not know anyone who argues that we have this kind of free will. God has given us freedom to make choices but sadly our choices are always conditioned by the sin nature and our will is in bondage to that nature. Thanks be to a merciful and gracious God who shatters that bondage and causes sinners to be born again.

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AJ said...

I like the way James P Boyce refers to our freedom as free agency. We as free agents can choose what ever we will, but we are powerless to change our will. As my previous pastor always used to say, "People do what they want to do". They are besides themselves to change what it is that they want, but they are free to choose what they do within the confines of what it is they want. Opinions may change, favorites may change, but the desire to please oneself is in the heart and nature of men, and we cannot escape it or change it. A man will always choose according to his will, and choosing within this will is inescapable. Our choices are limited to our nature. A pig, no matter how much he may want to fly like the bird, is powerless to choose to fly because it is outside of his nature. He would rather choose, and always will choose, to wallow in his mud because that is consistent with his nature. The leopard has freedom to choose whatever he will do as a leopard, but he will always be a leopard and cannot change even the arrangement of his spots - Jer 13:23.