Thursday, October 21, 2010

What a Blessing!

We've officially entered the mini-van world! Blair and I were determined holdouts. We're too young for a mini-van! We're too hip for a mini-van! These were the silly things we convinced ourselves (for the record my wife is still young and hip) until we finally realized this was the best fit for our present family and for our future hopes for more children (not to mention two dogs). The Lord took us from concession to really loving what He provided and boy oh boy did he provide!

This week we traded in our Jeep and all its $$ baggage for a used Toyota Sienna. On reflection we got a safer, bigger, and higher quality vehicle for lower monthly payments (and a quicker pay-off). I couldn't imagine we would come out so much ahead in so many ways. The Lord blew us away in how He met so many needs and we are so thankful... not to mention young, hip mini-van drivers!

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