Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Global Church Vision from Every Local Church

One of my hopes and aims as pastor of Memorial Baptist Church is to lead us to be the kind of church that influences and aides other local churches and pastors in their efforts at healthy church reform. I pray we will be a launching pad of people to go out into the world, into their communities, and into other churches (as the Lord moves them) to help fan the flame of the gospel and Biblical truth. A real inspiration for me in this kind of vision is the ministry of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis and their pastor, John Piper.

JP has led his church to make every sermon, every conference session, and nearly every book that he has written available for free. He wants to get these resources out to has many people as possible with as few barriers as possible. While not every church is the size and shares the resources of a Bethlehem Baptist and not every pastor (not many actually) have the global influence of a John Piper, every local church should share such a vision. There are churches everywhere that have replaced the proclaimation of the true gospel with an easy-believism schtick or the prosperity gospel lie. Too many pulpits have starved the congregations they serve from Biblical expositional preaching and replaced it with canned motivational talks (which is like serving children twinkies- tastes great, gets stale fast, not filling, and unhealthy). These erosions have led to applications in church life and leadership that have undermined the purpose of the church-- to be the uncompromised presence of Christ on the earth.

So I'm thankful for men like John Piper, Mark Dever, Al Mohler and others who have a global church vision that they seek to be launched from every local church. We are striving to be a healthy, vibrant, Biblical church that can produce or equip other local churches to be likewise. Take advantage of these gifts to our church... these trailblazers of Biblical church reform.

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